We offer SONO & Photo Dynamic Therapy


For years, patients had to travel outside the USA to receive aggressive natural cancer therapies. 

My Cancer Centers is proud to offer non-toxic, holistic treatments as part of a comprehensive program that includes immune support and detoxification.

We believe in treating the emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of disease. Our medical staff treats you as a person, not as a case or a tumor. Your comfort and well-being are important to us. We invite you to be part of our treatment decision making process. We'll respect your opinions and welcome your questions.


We're here to help you through any personal struggles, address anxiety, pain and stress, and develop a personal relationship. 

We'll not only create an individual cancer treatment program for you, we'll provide nutritional counselling and lifestyle management. Because our therapies destroy cancer cells so quickly, we provide an unparalleled detox program to rid your body of dead cancer cells and toxins, so you immediately feel better and have more energy.

Please take a few moments to browse our site, explore our therapies and meet our doctors. Whether you are just diagnosed or if conventional treatment has failed you, we can help. We can provide total care, or we can offer complimentary care.


Please give us a call – we are happy to provide free doctor consultations.

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